Story Dogs

Oakwood Primary School is very excited to have a new regular visitor to our school to help our students with their reading. Kym and ‘Ginny’ will be soon visiting every Wednesday to help our Year 2 classes with their reading.

The Story Dogs program partners with the classroom teachers to help students with their reading. Kym and ‘Ginny’ will help the same 4 or 5 students each week. The students will come out of their classroom and sit one-on-one with Kym and read to ‘Ginny’. Ginny loves to listen and will not mind if the student makes a few mistakes, she just wants to have a fun time so that books and reading become a joyful experience.

Ginny is a Greyhound and loves walks through the park, her teddy and sharing rolled oats with her chicken family!

Ginny has been practicing at home with her new reading rug and books so that she will be ready to help the students. She is super excited about starting.

We ask that all parents and children do not interrupt or attempt to pat Ginny. We do not want her to be distracted from her important job.
If you are interested in volunteering in this rewarding program, please contact Amanda Milroy on 0417993497.

Welcome Kym and ‘Ginny’!

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