Personal Items Lists

Download your child’s personal items list for 2022

Please order at

Kindy A Booklist 2022

Kindy B Booklist 2022

Kindy C Booklist 2022

There are 3 different booklists for Kindergarten, with most of the stationary items staying the same, voluntary contribution items will differ to help spread out items for each class.

Pre-primary Booklist 2022

Year 1 Booklist 2022

Year 2 Booklist 2022

Year 3 Booklist 2022

Year 4 Booklist 2022

Year 5 Booklist 2022

Year 6 Booklist 2022

Voluntary Contributions and Charges 2022

For further information on ordering your child’s Booklists or on the Parent Portal, please contact COS:

Ph: 1300 614 133


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