Regular attendance Prize Draw

We held our Prize draw for all children with Regular attendance yesterday afternoon. Anybody who has attended at 90% or above had an entry in the draw! Well done to our winners: Tara, Archie, Maddie, William, Tayla and Myah. Nieve won the star prize of a scooter!

Well done on the great attendance, over 400 students qualified for the draw!

Osprey came to the Oval

Osprey came to the Oval for their picnic today as part of their PBS outdoor reward!

Well done Osprey, we loved spending time with you today!


Oakwood Choir

Our junior and senior choir performed Christmas songs at Mandurah Forum and they did us proud!

Big thanks to the supportive families who took them and supported them.

Well done to Mrs Martenique Paganini who prepares them and led them. Well done to all involved.

Arrival at Coral Bay

We arrived just before 6pm. They have settled in to their tents, had burgers for dinner and played spotlight at the beach. Showers and then bed, let’s hope they sleep well!

We are ready for our flight!

All checked in and ready for our flight! Thank you to all of our lovely parents and family members for dropping them promptly! Coral Bay here we come.

Beach Clean Up

Our Junior Councillors would like to present the Beach Clean Up on Sunday November 3 with the Coastal Waste Warriors.

Well done Everyone!

Our 100% attendees for 2019 came to join us for an extra play yesterday! What an achievement to be here every day so far this year.

They loved their special play and had a ball!

We discussed with them how 100% attendance requires a bit of luck in avoiding the bugs too!

Well done Everyone!

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Improved attendance Oakwooders

We had a great time with our children who have shown improved attendance today.

We served them pizza and had a lovely chat about all the things they love doing. They were so polite and well mannered, a credit to their lovely families! 

Fantastic Oakwooders.